Art in motion - leggings


This collection is in collaboration with Stefania, an artist in love with art, nature and painting. Her signature style is animal print mixed with flower print.

She had always loved the way that nature's beauty could be captured in art, and she wanted to find a way to share this beauty with the world in a more tangible way. She personally hand paints all her graphics in her studio in Paris.

We got in love with her work and decided to create a line of leggings featuring her nature-inspired graphics, so that people could wear a piece of her art on their bodies.

We carefully selected with her the most stunning images from her portfolio and transferred them onto the fabric of the leggings. We worked to create a product that was not only beautiful but also comfortable and practical.

We are now launching this first line, which will be "made to order" as all our products to avoid inventory waste.

Stefania's nature-inspired leggings are a symbol of her love for the natural world, and a reminder to all who wore them of the beauty that surrounds us every day.

We are excited to create unique pieces to share the love of nature through art, spreading joy and inspiration to all who encounter it.